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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Press Coverage, Thank You's

Did we mention that Mush is out next week and we're super excited?!

Here's some of the coverage we've had so far...

BAFTA award-winning Windows Phone game Mush out next week - Edge
Dare to be Digital veterans see debut title published - Develop
The Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone title on July 4th is the adorable Mush from Angry Mango - WPCentral
Mush for Windows Phone coming July 4th - Go Windows Go
Mush will be released on July 4th - our pals at the University of Wales Newport

Award-winning Mush heading exclusively to Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone this July 4th - AppModo
Mush is coming soon to Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone! - Gamercast

And another bit of shameless self-promotion from Kate: Mush Launching On Windows Phone July 4th! - PlayXBLA

We've also had a great response on Reddit, thanks for all the lovely comments!

Over the next couple of weeks, we'd really like to share some stuff with you - not just us getting hyped, but also a bit of reflection on our experiences and what we've learned, both technically and personally.

But, before we get to that, there is something else we need to do. It really has been quite a journey, and one that we could not have completed without the support of a lot of people. We know these thank you's can be long winded, but we've been waiting to do this for two years, and ask you, just this once, to kindly indulge us ;)

In no particular order:

We'd like to thank the University of Wales Newport, for running an awesome course and setting us on the right path. To Barry Atkins, for helping us get to the BAFTAs and generally speaking a lot of sense, to our tutors Corrado Morgana and Richard Hurford for generally speaking a lot of nonsense and their ever-sunny dispositions. Thanks also to Mike Reddy, whose persistent emailing prompted us to get involved in events like X48 and Dare to be Digital.

Thanks to the University of Abertay for seeing the potential in us and giving us the vital launching platform to begin our careers.

Thanks to the Dare to be Digital teams of 2010. We hate to write in clich├ęs (honest!) but you made the experience worth it, and we still miss you guys!

Thanks to all the members of the indie dev and games press community who have given us advice and encouragement, and helped spread the word.

Thanks to the UK Microsoft mobile team, for supporting us from the beginning and helping us to go from a student team with a prototype to a professional game development team.

Thanks to the team at Microsoft Studios, not just for giving us a commercial opportunity that we never imagined we would have, but also for your patient support and encouragement.

Special thanks to our families, who housed us and fed us through many late night sessions of caffeine-driven crunching, and the friends and loved ones who put up with all our stressing and obsessing.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out with translations, whose hard work has enabled us to release the game in six different languages!

And lastly, thanks to everyone who came to see us and play the game at the various events we've attended  - particularly the kids, whose delight made us smile when our optimism was all but spent.

You have each, in some way, been crucial in getting us to where we are.

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