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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mush Day One!

Well, one day on the Marketplace and we've already had an amazing response :)

Thank you so much to everyone on Twitter for the awesome comments, and to everyone reviewing Mush on the Marketplace too - we love reading your feedback!

We've had a bunch more coverage in the games media (this article on Hookshot Inc. being one of our favourites...), and you can have a listen to us on BBC Radio Wales (around 2 hours 55 minutes in).

We've also been psyched to hear from some true fans - hope to have some pics to post up soon, and if anyone else has any fan photos or artwork, please send it our way and we will be more than happy to put it up here! We honestly can't get enough.

Also also, we're always talking here about what funky Mush merchandise we could make (it's been a bit of an obsession ever since we hand made these..) What about a Mush beanbag? Or a pom pom hat? Tweet your suggestions @angrymango :D

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