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Thursday, 28 June 2012

4th July: Mush Release Announced!

Mush will be hitting the Windows Phone Marketplace on Wednesday 4th July!

We told you we had super exciting news, and boy, we weren't lying. We've been positively dying to tell you this all week, and now the time is here we can finally relax. Or continue bouncing of the walls like hyper children. Whichever.

Read Microsoft's official announcement and an interview with me (Kate Killick) here and check out our shiny new website!

Better still, it means we can finally unleash this beauty: feast your eyes on the official Mush trailer!

We also have a bundle of screenshots for you and, for any press reading this, head over to the press kit page for tons of downloadable goodies, including press releases, promo art and delightful mug shots. You can also get in contact with us at our shiny new address: press[at]angrymango[dot]com for any information or inquiries, or just to tell us to calm down.

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