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Monday, 5 July 2010


It's been another busy, busy week here in Dundee. Luckily I have just enough time to bring you all the latest before getting back to our new, stricter schedule.

Art! Animation has been the word of the week, and between us we have essentially completed all the character animation for the game. Here is but a small selection:

Blimp Enemy

Mush Animations

Moustached Russian Doll Boss Character

Happy Boss (moustache not to be included!)

Today we drew up a complete task list, including a re-evaluation of all our assets so far and where improvement can be made.

The programmers have been beavering away as ever. Dennis has implemented Zune controls for the menu as well as a collectables system, which we hope will bring replayability to the game, and offer that extra something for the completionists out there. Ultimately, it will probably also tie in to Microsoft achievements on the Windows phone.

Greg has been continuing work on the game objects, ticking various things of the list, such as flying enemies and a rotating windmill, the latter of which proved to be quite an obstacle.

Meanwhile, Ahmed has been continuing the quest of the level editor, adding physics functionality which will help us greatly when it comes to testing and tweaking.

Music production is also underway, outsourced to a professional friend of Dennis'.

And finally, the most exciting news was of course Federer's shocking defeat in the quarter finals, although sadly both the mens' and women's finals were disappointingly straightforward.

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  1. I'm so excited I can't even squeal from excitment.