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Monday, 28 June 2010

Progress Update

It's been a week since our last blog post so here's an update on our progress.

I have been working with the physics engine and gameplay mechanics.
I finished creating many of the objects that will be used in the game, including doors, rotating platforms, blowers(that blow you away when you are close), water and interactive switches. I have also integrated the emotion input with the character - it now switches sprites, changes size and behaves differently depending on the emotional state. I also manualy created a small test level because...
Ahmed is still working on creating a level editor.
A lot of effort has gone into it, but the amount of time we estimated it would take to finish was way off. Most of the functionality is there, but we still need the ability to read the level data, including physics data, from a file and generate the level from that in the game.
Dennis has focused on the GUI and gamestate management.
There is now a menu system that the user can navigate. Collectable objects were added and a prite appears on screen when the user collects them, then dissapears a few seconds later. The gamestate management will allow us to move from the menu to the game itself, and load level data when a new level is reached.
Henry continued his previous work.
Many more sprites have been created and the character design has progressed. GUI and menu sprites were made. An early version of the level editor was used to place sprites and evolve the level design.
Kate carried on her work from before.
A previous version of the level editor was used to create levels and design puzzles, more sprites were created.

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