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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Follow the postie trail

What a brilliant day that was! These random people knocked on all the floors to say there was a party happening on the bottom floor. This was great other than 3 of our team members being at the cinema and no way of contacting them. Myself and kevin (Irish team) decided to use about 100 postie notes to make a trail from their doors and lead it to the party. I believe kevin has some photos of this so i will grab them later on.

This party was just awesome. We met all the teams and had a good drink with them. The Indian team are the funniest people I have ever met. I've never had a conversation that led to a 'God-Off'. We had an argument over who's God was the best. Their words to us were 'My God can strike you with lightning, so screw you'. I don't think anyone could reply to that. Many comments were made about Kev's hair for some reason as well. We also met the American, Swedish, English and a few French people which was fantastic.

That night needs to happen alot more as it was great fun but I guess I need to pick up those postie notes now...

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