Angry Mango

Saturday, 5 June 2010

PC Buggered

After a night of rest with the sound of traffic keeping us up we have heard that my PC and Ahmed's PC were at the Dare Office. After picking them up we instantly found problems. With Ahmed's PC he had to update his bios. It wasnt really an urgent problem but of course we weren't sure if the rest of his hardware was fine. My PC has been a complete pain in the arse. To sum the whole day down, I had to run around Dundee town to find a computer shop to buy a new graphics card and then after a few hours of messing about with the graphics card i had to buy a new motherboard. Once getting those 2, my pc would still not turn on so i have left it in the PC shop to be fixed. Lets just say the price of all of this is about £150. Greg soon has his PC shortly after and his PC also had problems. Problems being with the motherboard also. He has also left it down in the same pc shop to be fixed. We are still waiting for Henry's PC to arrive but lets just say we will not be using a certain company called DHL again...ever.

Team eleMENTAL had arranged an evening of much beer and shots with all the teams. The teams that turned up were the Welsh, Irish, Swedish and Scottish team. This was alot of fun with poker, line of shots and alot of greeting and meeting. Everyone is very nice and kind and easy to get along with. We have definitely bonded well with the Irish team which is perfect since they are on our floor. The Irish team consist of Kevin, Kevin, Alan, Mark and Jamie 'Spoon'. These guys know how to handle their drink!


  1. Hey dude!!!
    unlucky with the PC. Take it you didn't buy travel insurance for it?? Let me know if everything is ok after. Don't go trying to out-drink the irish mind cause you'll end up in a different country lol.
    Speak to you soon
    Joe + Gang

  2. Hello Son i bet you thought i could not do this HAHA well here is a word from your mother 'I told you so' LOL that corner PC shop is going to make loads of money from you lot maybe you need to have a word for discount LOL

    Speak to you soon
    from daddy