Angry Mango

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Planning of Mush (6th June 2010)

Today has been a slow recovery session. Everyone has been a little worse for wear from an awesome night. Besides from that Angry Mango has now planned their game fully and ready to be implemented come tomorrow when the competition starts. The team is going to get a test build sorted so we have a safety net and build upon that to get a shiny tidy game for you all to pay!....i mean play.

Not really much to say about today as it has been a slow one. Tomorrow will be the hectic day for all!


  1. Well now the hard work begines, good luck Mat to you and the rest of the gang make us proud


  2. Keep us updated dude. Can't stop laughing at the "god off". Funniest thing you have said to date, i applaud you sir.