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Sunday, 31 October 2010

GameCity - The Lounge

Work is as intense as ever with the 10th December deadline beginning to loom. We've been mainly focusing on adding new content, creating some mega awesome levels and integrating a brand spanking new emotion to really mix things up.

The last few days we've been showcasing in the lounge down at GameCity in Nottingham. Having regular Vietnam-style flashbacks of ProtoPlay and intensely trying to sell the game to 5 year old's as if they were games industry veterans was an interesting experience. Note to self, this is no longer a competition and kids don't dig elevator pitches. All the same, everyone seemed to enjoy Mush and we got to meet some great people.

The highlight of the event for me had to be seeing Keita Takahashi playground designs. That and working with Studio Output in developing the Mush brand and how we should approach our viral video campaign.

Also, keep your eyes open when looking through Edge. There should be a delightful upcoming surprise.

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