Angry Mango

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Week 7

Midway through week 7 and Angry Mango progress is still good, although a little behind schedule. Having aimed to complete gameplay by the end of week 6, we still have a few bits and pieces to get through before it will be possible - the new deadline is now Friday.

So, whilst programmers continue to work on physics objects and exporting from the level editor, the artists have been getting on with sprucing up the levels, sorting out the parallax and that sort of thing. We also had a sound recording session yesterday which involved some very silly sounds that may or may not make it into the final game...

We are sorting out promotional material for Protoplay so that we can get it sent off to the printers in time for the exhibition. Aside from leaflets and posters, we have a few top secret ideas in the pipeline that will hopefully help draw in the public interest.

Finally, it has been a good week for getting out of the house, with a dolphin spotting trip on Sunday, in which we unexpectedly actually saw dolphins and hopefully gave some coherent interviews to the Channel 4 guys. We are looking forward to attending the ceilidh tomorrow night - or at least, I am, if only for the hilarity of the guys having to dance around in kilts..

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