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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mush is alive!

Yes indeed, Mush is alive and well and, what's more, it was officially announced as an Xbox LIVE title at Gamescom last month! Mush was showcased along with thirteen other titles, which you can read all about here, at the Windows Phone 7 booth and it has been featured on this awesome Xbox LIVE trailer!

The news seems to have had a pretty positive response from the media again (wpcentral, among others), and it's great to be back in the limelight, shown alongside such fantastic titles as Kinectimals, after beavering away quietly for so long! We can also tell you what it is we've been doing (other than completing our studies), such as adding a fresh new interface for the Windows Phone 7, those all important achievements and polishing a-plenty.

In the many months since posting, there has of course been two other very exciting events for us! Firstly, we had the privilege of attending the GAME BAFTAs back in March, which was a fantastic evening and a fitting culmination of our Dare to be Digital experience. Sadly, the only trophies we came away with were the complimentary chocolate BAFTAs, which were a bit smaller than the real thing but nevertheless very tasty, but a (belated) congratulations is in order for the Ones to Watch winners, That Game Studio. The second event was our win at BAFTA Cymru in May (that's BAFTA Wales for any non-Welsh speakers!), at which we received the New Media Award against competition from the BBC and Ethos Creative.

We promise that Mush isn't too far away, and more amazing updates will be coming your way soon!

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