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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Day #1 - Travel

This was a bit of a hectic day in my opinion. Myself, Henry, Kate and Ahmed met up at Newport Train Station and Greg went straight to Southampton Airport. We (Being the 4) had to wait an hour for our train to come as we missed the other one by a few minutes. That hour flew by as we were just excited about everything and of course the topic of conversation was about Dare.
It was very teasing to be on that train as everyone else who was on it was only talking about "Barry Island" and of course it being summer and the sun is out we really wanted to go for a dip into the sea.

When we arrived at Cardiff Airport we were thinking about 2 questions that were frequently asked; How much hand luggage can we carry? How much in total can our bags weigh? Coming to the desk we found out it was 20kg for our bags and only 1 hand luggage per person. Each one of us though the same thing "Uh Oh!". Reason for this was 3 of our bags were over 20kg and Ahmed had brought 3 bits of hand luggage. Everything went well though, we hid most of it from the security ;).

I think i behalf on the team when i say that the pilot was the funniest guy ever. As soon as we stepped onto the plane, instant questions were thrown at us about our t-shirts (They had our team name on them). We had to explain the story quickly and then head to our seats. What made it fun was that the pilot came and had a chat with us about this and he was raised in Dundee. Obviously he would say that Dundee is pants but since we came from Newport i think it was a step up for us really. Instead of the normal chat over the tannoy that any pilot would do, this pilot decided to mix it up a bit to tell us to time him how long it would take for him to get to Scotland.

As we arrived in Scotland we were met by either Jane,Elaine or Eleanor (I cannot remember her name). We were given our room key, floor key and house key for Victoria Chambers. We were told that we had to wait about half hour for the Irish team to collect their bags and then we had a hour and half bus journey to Dundee Abertay. I must say, i never want to be on a bus like that again, the walls were vibrating like mad! Plus the heat was extreme. Other than that it was a good time for us to get to know the Irish team.

Arriving at Victoria Chambers our first confusion was which key opened the front door and then which key opened the floor and then which key opened the door. The floor is fantastic, about 7 toilets and 5 showers, 2 kitchens with about 4 fridges, 4 freezers and 2 ovens. All of this was perfect and ideal for us 10. Each room is a little bigger or a little smaller than the other but each is as good as the other. I will get a photo up soon of the one room, common room and kitchen.
To finish the first day, the Welsh team and Irish team hit the Chinese restaurant which is across the road from us and the pub that is next door to us. Perfect day!

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