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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Concept Pieces Finished & Zune Progress

So this is my first entry on the Angry Mango blog.

Yesterday was a day of good progress for the art team. Having overcome most of our initial qualms with Illustrator, we began to get a feel for the visual style of the game and pick up the work pace. We have so far created two concept images, for the sad and happy levels, and a third is underway for the angry level.

Sad Level Concept

Sad Level Concept (by Kate)

Early Environment Concept

Happy Level Concept (by Henry)
On the programming side:
  • Tilt - a placeholder asset moves across the Zune screen when tilting the phone
  • Accelerometer - we can shake the Zune to change the colour, representing the anger mechanic
  • Testing - Dennis found people in the building to help test the draw recognition

Touch Input Recognition

Touch Input Recognition

Touch Input Recognition for Smile

Touch Input Recognition for Smile

The low point of yesterday had to be Henry's PC finally being delivered. This is the fourth PC to sustain damage whilst in transit with DHL, and by the looks of it, the worst off - we must be SA Computer World's best customers by now. Aside from the box looking severely beaten up, two graphics cards and the fan were ripped out, screws were missing, the case bent and some dubious sticky liquid seemed to have found its way in.

The terrible service from DHL and the refusal to accept any responsibility is pretty shocking from such as widely used and well known company. It's going to be a difficult process trying to gain back any of the substantial financial damage from them, but this kind of service is totally unacceptable. Hopefully, the interview with the Channel 4 crew might help our case.

Aside from the PC saga, then, a pretty good day for the team!

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