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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Website and Blog are Live!

We have Dare to be Digital starting very soon now so we wanted to get off on the right foot with a new website and blog. We've created a whole load of social media profiles and interlinked them so when we start producing artwork, videos, tweets and blogs, we'll attract as large an audience as possible. Hopefully we'll have some great game design to show off!

Angry Mango Website Design

This website isn't the final design for Angry Mango, though it should serve the purpose of a communication channel, where people can check for updates and new material on a regular basis. We'll make sure that when the competition starts we'll be updating everything on a daily basis including artwork, screenshots, builds and lots more.

So, while you're here, why not follow this blog, like us on Facebook, tweet with us, subscribe to our YouTube, eat our RSS or visit the website.

Also, check out our new funky avatars:Angry Mango Avatars

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